Research and Analysis

We design studies that answer the questions that matter to our clients. We leverage both existing and newly collected data in analyses that support decision making. Follow the links to see how other clients have used these services to support their programmatic goals.

Analysis of Existing Data

We review and analyze data from federal, state, local, tribal, and private sources to frame data collection, add context to collected data, make comparisons, and support monitoring and evaluation.


Analysis of Newly Collected Data

We analyze data collected through surveys, focus groups, and interviews to provide an overview of a population of interest, correct misperceptions or misrepresentations, answer the specific questions of our clients, and support technical or programmatic processes.


Market Studies

Combining existing data and newly collected data, we analyze the current market, create projections, and determine areas of potential growth.


Needs Assessments

Needs assessments leverage newly collected data, existing data, and other analyses to help clients better understand the characteristics, circumstances, priorities, and perceptions of the populations they serve. They are useful in identifying service gaps as well as realistic options for addressing potential need. Needs assessments can be general or may focus on a single program area like housing.