Service Categories

We empower our clients to collect, analyze, manage, share, and act on data that will help them better serve their communities.

Our core services fall into five related categories. For more information on the topical areas our services address, see our Areas of Focus.

Primary Data Collection

We help clients identify and collect the data they need to address their pressing concerns. Our services range from developing short, targeted questionnaires and facilitating focus groups to designing and managing community-wide mapping and census projects.

  • Housing unit mapping

  • Housing unit condition assessment

  • Household survey

  • Intercept survey

  • Targeted sample

  • Focus groups

  • Key informant interviews

Research and Analysis

We design studies that answer the questions that matter to our clients. We leverage both existing and newly collected data in analyses that support data-driven decision making.

  • Analysis of existing data

  • Analysis of newly collected data

  • Market studies

  • Needs assessment


Data Sharing

We work with clients to bridge institutional and technical gaps and make critical information more accessible to their partners and communities.

  • Data clearinghouse development

  • Database design

Planning and Evaluation

We help clients transform data and information into concrete action that benefits their communities.

  • Strategic planning

  • Program evaluation

Capacity Building

Each of our large scale projects includes training and deliverables that better position clients to collect, analyze, manage, share, and act on data in the future. We also provide stand-alone capacity building services.

  • GIS/mapping software capacity building

  • Survey design and implementation training

  • Indian Housing Block Grant (IHBG) formula training

  • Training and guidance concerning Census Bureau data collection methodology and procedures, data dissemination tools and efforts to engage and consult with tribes and local governments

Don’t know where to start? Let us help you

We work with clients to identify their most pressing data needs, establish specific goals, and design studies that will meet those goals, taking into account each client’s unique set of constraints and opportunities.