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How to Get Started

We are always interested in exploring new opportunities for collaboration and partnership.

Potential Clients

If you are interested in discussing a potential project with Big Water, the best strategy is to explore our list of project types and a few our sample projects then either give us a call or send us an email to begin a conversation.

Consultants and Contractors

Big Water Consulting provides a wide range of services to its public interest-focused clients which occasionally requires that we retain the services of outside consultants or contractors to supplement our in-house capacity. If you are a seasoned professional with 5 or more years of experience in any of the following fields and would like to be included in Big Water's list of associated consultants and contractors, please email Kevin Klingbeil, Managing Director, at

  • Primary data collection

  • Data analysis

  • Data visualization

  • Program evaluation

  • Strategic planning

  • Grant writing

  • Network and database development

  • Technical writing or report drafting

  • Public relations

  • Graphic design


Big Water Consulting actively seeks to develop professional partnerships with other organizations whose ethics, client base and workload align with our mission. Few organizations provide the full range of services that their clients want and need; to begin a discussion of organizational alignment and potential opportunities for cooperation and partnership that will further enhance and expand our respective abilities to deliver services to our public interest clients, please send an introductory email to Kevin Klingbeil, Managing Director, at

Foundations and Funding Sources

Big Water Consulting seeks to develop deeper, ongoing relationships with foundations, grant makers and other funding sources in order to provide effective services to our public interest clients. This relationship would provide a level of quality assurance and advanced due diligence with respect to projects they may choose to fund and to better explain the scope, specific tools and components, opportunities and challenges, and outcomes and deliverables of these projects.

Big Water Consulting's clients often find that their data collection and analysis, mapping, program evaluation and strategic planning efforts do not fit neatly within the funding plans and strategies of private and governmental funding sources. Alternative funding sources provide a unique opportunity for nonprofit, tribal, academic and governmental clients to be creative in the design, implementation and presentation of the results of their data collection efforts as well as in the use of those results to carry out program evaluation and strategic planning efforts. If your organization would be interested in learning more about the work that we do and our remarkable clients and the communities they serve, please contact Kevin Klingbeil, Managing Director, at or (206) 466-2065.