South Dakota Native Homeownership Coalition (SDNHC) Housing Needs Studies

South Dakota Native Homeownership Coalition (SDNHC) Housing Needs Studies



Cheyenne River Housing Authority and Rosebud Economic Development Corporation

Project Locations:
Eagle Butte, SD and Mission, SD

Project Time Frame:
December 2015-January 2017


  • Intercept Survey

  • Key Informant Interviews

  • Analysis of Existing Data

  • Analysis of Newly Collected Data

  • Market Studies

  • Needs Assessment

Areas of Focus:

  • Demographics

  • Economic Development

  • Education

  • Employment

  • Governance and Management

  • Housing

  • Income and Finances

  • Veterans

Project Description

In December 2015, Big Water Consulting was commissioned by Lakota Funds and the South Dakota Native Homeownership Coalition to design and conduct comprehensive homeownership assessment studies for both the Cheyenne River Housing Authority and the Rosebud Economic Development Corporation. Big Water Consulting compiled, analyzed and summarized all relevant tribal, state and federal data sources for both organizations to help determine and anticipate housing needs and desires, opportunities and obstacles for homeownership, and steps necessary to qualify potential homeowners. In addition to its review and analysis of the existing data, Big Water Consulting also developed and facilitated targeted sampling/intercept surveys of potential homeowners, focus group discussions and key informant interviews at both sites. This process provided insight into perceived obstacles to homeownership, anticipated changes in housing supply and demand, levels of interest in homeownership, as well as other important needs and unique aspects of each specific subject community.

Sample Deliverables