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We create tools our clients can use to analyze and communicate complex data and ideas.

Oftentimes, our clients are not sure what they want or need until they see a sample or an example from one of our other projects. Explore our gallery of maps, data visualization and dashboards below to see which options might best communicate your critical message to your audience.


Maps enable us to display the results of complex analyses, including the distribution of resources and populations or environmental changes, in an easily digestible format. By allowing multiple data sets covering the same geographic area to be displayed and queried together, a Geographic Information System (GIS) helps us discover unanticipated relationships and provide evidence for action. We use both interactive and static maps to display spatial data.

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Interactive Maps

Static Maps

Data Visualization

Data visualization is a compelling tool for communicating complex ideas and concepts in a simple way. The right graph or chart can help tell a story and attract attention. The following graphics are examples of some of Big Water Consulting’s previous work presenting data in eye-catching ways to convey clear messages.


Our custom interactive dashboards help our clients view important metrics. Survey field managers use our dashboards to observe project progress, issue-focused dashboards help users explore specific sets of data, and program managers can use our dashboards to see programmatic data in real-time.